We build communities and unleash the good in everyday people.

Our offering

We're a digital media agency that focuses on community-based businesses and non-profits. We specialize in end-to-end management of your marketing process. From scripting, shooting, editing and promoting video content to building your website and running Google Ads on both websites and videos!

Video production

Create your own news! We create engaging video content to raise awareness, increase sales and drive donations. With professional equipment and keen eyes for a good story, we can pick up on your vision and bring it to life through video.

YouTube advertising

We're certified by Google to run video ads to the masses! Google collects a vast amount of data on its users across all of its platforms, such as Google Search, Maps, Analytics and YouTube. We can tap into this wealth of data with targeted video ads. 

Web design

Your website is the hub of your marketing efforts! Top-quality video needs a top-quality website, Our websites are built 100% from scratch with the care and attention your business demands. When you buy a website from us, we do it all for you, so you can focus on what's important!

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Our Work

NHG Chamber of Commerce

Community Outreach
We've been working with the North Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce to attract new business and help bring together the local community. With our work running Google Ads, this channel picked up over 33k views in just two months!

Be Game Ready Coaching

We're about more than just video production! This commercial was scripted, shot, edited and then promoted via YouTube ads by Goodtrepreneur. End to end project management is what we do day in, day out!

New Challenge Ministries

Event highlight
We love helping non-profits in and around Los Angeles! For New Challenge Ministries we not only built their website but we continue to shoot and edit their events throughout the year. Check out the testimonial from Pastor John below!

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Leadership team


Steve Hayton

Steve is a producer, multimedia journalist and project manager. His work has been featured on the BBC, What Car? Magazine, Top Gear (BBC) and others. Steve is an advocate for community and is dedicated to bringing a "no one left behind" mentality to everyday life by helping new entrepreneurs build companies that benefit mankind.


Frankie Hernandez

Frankie is an award-winning film and television producer. She worked in International Marketing, Programming and Acquisitions for WB Digital Distributions Division for film and television digital release. Some titles Frankie worked on were the Harry Potter film series, the Sex and the City movie and The Dark Knight.


Restoring Dignity

Adrian Bradley

Founder, Restoring Dignity

Restoring Dignity is a non-profit based in Riverside California that provides essential supplies to the local homeless population. You can see the website we created and our ongoing video production at restoringdignityinc.com

"Goodtrepreneur video production was pivotal in helping us get our first round of grant funding, I can finally stop focusing on money, and start putting my attention where it needs to be, growing my business."

Alex Orlando

Alex Orlando

CEO, Alex Orlando

Alex Orlando is a lifestyle coach promoting authenticity in our family, professional and romantic relationships. You can see the website we created and our ongoing video production at alexorlando.coach

"Steve and the team helped me develop and define my brand, being able to live stream my content to my website was completely alien to me, now I'm creating content and picking up 200 subscribers a month."

New Challenge Ministeries

Pastor John Hernandez

Senior Pastor, New Challenge Ministries

New Challenge Ministries is a non-profit based in Torrance California that provides food supplies to over 1,000,000 people a year. You can see the video content we produced on their website (which we also made!) at newchallengeministries.com

"Steve, is an awesome man willing to help. I would highly recommend him and his quality of work."




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