Let yourself win!

Why it's so important to set achievable goals

Letting yourself win is so important, momentum is key and if you never win, you never want to try! If you can set realistic and achievable goals, you'll be able to get the feeling of winning!

What is a CRM and why you should be using one

Expanding productivity

This week we take a look at CRMs, what are they and what can they do? Airtable is my favorite at the moment so take a look, sign up and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I'm currently using Airtable across my own life, business and all my clients!

Why don't people listen to you?

How active listening can get you heard!

This week we take a look at why it sometimes feels like people aren't listening to you and what you can do to get yourself heard! We often listen to people without much consideration for what's going on in their world. We tend to think the only thing that matters in that moment is us and them, this video takes a little look at what can happen if you consider the best way to be heard is to listen! Improving your communication skills and ability to 'actively' listen is the best way to be heard!

Do you know how to communicate?

Phone calls versus text messages

This week we take a look at the difference between two forms of instant communication, text messages and phone calls. You may have thought of these as two sides of the same coin but they're both very different and should be used for very different types of communication. It all comes down to the person you're trying to communicate with and their needs!

Stop putting yourself down!

How devaluing your skills can kill your business

This week we take a look at the powerful impact of devaluing your skills, have you noticed that when you acquire a new skill you immediately shelve it and focus on the next big thing? By taking time to appreciate our new skills and the impact they have on those around us, we can generate the momentum to keep going in our business! Appreciate the skills you've picked up!

Watch what you consume!

How we should view the consumption of information like a diet

This week we take a look at how journalism has changed over the last few years, the growth of the citizen journalist has left many professionals on the back foot, resulting in society (and some journalists) sidestepping the important fact-checking aspect of their reporting, leaving us consuming one-sided news. This video looks at how we should all consume media as if it were food, we all know the impact of eating too much of one thing, it's exactly the same for information.

How to build your team

Why giving to people is the best way to help yourself!

This week we take a look at why it's so important to not only have a good team around you, but how you can create that team with a huge amount of money to spend on wages.

How to stop procrastination!

Putting up barriers to make it harder to waste time

This week I look at social media and question the benefit of 'apps' on our phones. When you being to appreciate the purpose of an app you can decide whether or not it has any value to you. I recently deleted the Facebook app (not my account) from my phone because I was only ever using it to procrastinate!

How to be less busy and have more time

How to strike a better work-life balance

This week we talk about the idea of being busy and what it actually means. If we can understand what busy means to us personally, we can start to look at courses of action to become less 'busy'.

Use the project management triangle!

Cost, Speed and Quality; you can only have two!

This week we take a look at the relationship between cost, speed and quality! Understanding that these three work in a triangle can help you make decisions that can save you time, money or even the project itself!

Why it's ok to be paid for doing good and helping others!

You can have it all!

This week we take a look at a taboo! We tend to grow up thinking that if we take money for carrying out a act of kindness towards others that we're somehow watering down the effect of 'good'. What if doing 'good' was how we made money and thus as were we able to sustain ourselves from our work, we were also able to sustain doing good for much longer than if we were just volunteering. Making your career about doing good means it's your priority and you have to work it! If you've ever had to drop volunteering for a charity because you needed to focus on your career, you'll get exactly what I mean!

Why you should engage your team when setting deadlines!

Setting deadlines for employees

It can be normal to turn into a bit of a dictator when it comes to setting deadline but 'commands' can be really detrimental to effective deadline setting. If you don't engage your team it can be hard to tell if they're really 'getting it'. By having a more open discussion about what's expected you can start to help your team hit their targets and even inspire them.

Get that recognizing a failure is a win!

Motivation for success in life and business

Today we talk about burgers! Having a plan fall apart can often destroy our motivation to keep going and ultimately our desire to plan again, but it's really important to get that even a failed plan is useful. Being able to identify a weakness or failing is great, now we can take action to prevent this from happening again.

Why you should create structures around life

How to plan your day as an entrepreneur

This week I take you through the steps I take to schedule my time! Planning your time can often be viewed as being a single app or calendar, in reality there are multiple structures you'll want to use in order to best manage your time. Time management is more like a hierarchy, you'll have a high level overview of projects and wider tasks and then a much more detailed view that you can run on a day by day basis.

Get what 'delegation' actually means!

How to empower your team by delegating

Delegation is a big deal for most people, but do you know how to do it? This week on our YouTube channel we look at how to delegate and the positive impact it can have on those around you!